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“AADHAAR” means to Support. Under this project we aim to provide complete attention and support to the children who are eager to study but their financial conditions are an obstacle. We believe that every stone, if properly polished will shine like a diamond one day. Under “AADHAAR” we enroll these financially weak, but kids with the brightest of minds in best schools of the city and take care of their needs and their curriculum.

A special team of volunteers is assigned to each student. This team takes care of his/her educational needs and monitors progress of the student.

In a period as short as one year, “AADHAAR” has changed the lives of 65 young hearts, ensuring their educational as well as daily needs till they mature.

Bachhpan promises to be with them till the end and provide them a way to walk on till they reach their destinations. We ensure to provide them annuity, not charity.Till date, we have helped 61 such students and tried changing their lives forever.


“PAATHSHALA” aims at taking education to places where schools cannot reach. Under this project, we aim at reaching out to every not-so-fortunate but deserving children. A dedicated team of volunteers provide education to 550+children in different slums.These team of volunteers work for extra hours after completing their college schedules every day and conduct evening classes. Under this project we not only focus on their academic activities, but take care of their basic requirements, their Hygiene and try to improve their lifestyle.

Currently 550+ students are being taught on a regular basis by 180 dedicated volunteers.

Paathshala is a place where students gather at one public place near slum area and dedicated team of volunteers teach them through evening classes.
Bachhpan is currently running 8 Paathshalas at different public places in Anand- Vallabh Vidyanagar and Ahmedabad.
Name of these Paathshala are adopted from names of our ancient Saints i.e. Dadhichi, Vashishtha, Ramkrishna, Valmiki, Agatsya, Saptarshi, Saraswati, Chanakya.

Any Body Can Dream(ABCD)

Who doesn’t want that ability to speak fluently in front of a crowd? Every one of us does. “ABCD” is a new step by our team to provide not only academic upliftment to our students, but all-round personality development for these rising stars. Under this project we provide our students with different types of
books just like real library. Our volunteers have made a large collection of books for the students depending upon their age groups. This enables them to increase their vocabulary power and creativity along with their reading skills. This will surely help them to build their confidence and be very fruitful in their future.

This project was started in year of 2013 and currently we have 300+ books have been collected for all over development of the student.

Javahar Navodaya Vidyalaya(JNV)

JNV is an exam conducted by CBSE under which the 5th Grade and 8th Grade students appear for the JNV exam and meritorious students qualify for ‘Free Education’ in 6th Grade and 9th Grade respectively.

JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDYALAYAs are specifically tasked with finding talented children in rural areas of India and providing them with an education equivalent to the best residential school system, without any regards to their family’s socio-economic condition. These JNVs are located throughout India.

Bachhpan trains the students under JNV project where volunteers guide students to crack JAWAHAR NAVODAYA VIDYALAYA EXAM in 5th Grade and 8th Grade.


In 2015 Bachhpan took the first initiative to help students crack JNV Exams.Success is never denied to those who work wholeheartedly. Bachhpan’s students’ story is no different.


2016,Out of 25 students, Ms. Daksha Vasava cracked the exam.


Out of 15 students, two of our brilliant students, Hetvi Gohel & Keshav Kushvah cracked the JNVST -2017. - Hetvi, daughter of footwear maker was studying in G J Sharda Mandir School Vallabh Vidyanagar. Despite losing her mother, Hetvi still managed to crack the exam. - Keshav, son of Pani Puri vendor was studying in Sajana Talavadi Primary School-Karamsad. His father being a Pani Puri vendor, Keshav also worked at the stall frequently to help his father in routine work. After 5 months of dedicated learning, he successfully managed to crack JNV exam.While studying at JNV, he takes part in sports like running race, long jump etc. He also enjoys physical development along with academics at JNV Anand. He is a true motivation for many students. Keshav sees himself as a Police Officer in future. We hope that all his dreams come true and his hard work brings fruitful results.


Out of 35 students, Ms. Varsha Kushvah cracked the exam. Her father is Pani Puri vendor. Despite facing unfavorable conditions at home, she worked very hard and man