1. What is Bachhpan?

    Bachhpan is completely a student-run NGO (Non-Governmental Organization) which is working against a sensitive issue of child labour. We promote our efforts through the students of different colleges and motivate them to join us. We believe that being fortunate to have gained the gift of knowledge; it is now our moral duty to help those unfortunate children working for their livelihood.

  2. What does Bachhpan do?

    Children are the focus of this organization. We understand that school is the only best place for all the children and not streets or industries where they are forced to work. So we work to save such children from clutches of child labour and provide them the future which they deserve through education and other basic needs of their families.

  3. How is a child benefited from our organization?

    It is a right of every child to gain education, to live a life of safety, and protection against exploitation and abuse. Thus, if a is child thrown to work at early ages, he/she is subjected to mental and physical distress resulting in to a meaningless future. Thus if we are able to change life of such children through motivation and education we can break the chain of everlasting poverty, unemployment and exploitation. We aim at providing them the best possible future instead of just wasting their lives in to nothing.

  4. How can I join Bachhpan? And what are the Registration Fees?

    You can just register us through an email or call as first we need to verify your current location.

    There are ‘No Registration Fees’ for joining the NGO. It is completely free to join us whenever possible.

  5. Do any of the Volunteers get paid for the work they do?

    No. None of the volunteers working for Bachhpan NGO are ever paid. It is Non-Profit Organization, where in people (students) come forward voluntarily to help rise the society from external factors and work with a selfless motive. All the donations received are only used for the children of Bachhpan in way or the other.

  6. How do we raise funds for the functioning of the organization?

    We wish that every student member of our organization can donate a reasonable amount of Rs. 100/- for a student (quarterly) and Rs. 250/- for adults (quarterly) which will help to change lives of many children and be inspiration for others. All the donations collected are solely used for the betterment of the kids in one way or the other.

  7. Are only students allowed to donate?

    No, anyone above age of 18 is allowed to donate. We welcome everyone wishing to support this good cause since there are many children out there seeking for help.

  8. How would children be benefited from these donations?

    The entire donation given to our organization is used for the welfare of the children. We take full responsibility of such selected student to provide them education, improve their economic condition, and provide medicines, food, books and stationary for the bright children. (The following line should be removed as we are not performing it)-  Also such children will be provided with a savings account in which some amount will be deposited every month and the total saving would be given to him/her after they complete 18 years to build their future.

  9. How can I be sure that the money I donate is managed correctly?

    We are a Non profitable organization and thus every penny donated to us is used for welfare of children. To maintain transparency we have decided to display the balance sheet of total expenses on our website every month. Also any donor is free to inspect any child selected for our program and can ask for the progress report.

  10. How do we as an organization monitor that our program is implemented successfully?

    Our volunteer visits the children and their family once every week/month for the counseling session in order to better understand their needs and submit a report accordingly. Also, we consult school teachers of the respective students to monitor their attendance & progress and proper steps are taken to monitor that they don’t indulge in any kind of labour whatsoever.