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Bachhpan organized ‘Panchtatva’, a knowledge sharing event at I.B. Patel English Medium School,
Vallabh-Vidyanagar, that turned out to be a great success. The theme of whole event was
PANCHTATVA: The Five Basic Elements of Human Life due to which the entire universe exists i.e. जल,
वायु, अग्नि, पृथ्वी and आकाश.

The event was inaugurated by Mr. Saurabh Singh, IPS Officer, Anand District; Mr. Nihir Dave,
Former President, Rotary Club & Mr. S.G.Dave, Hon. Secretary, CVM. Children explained about the
importance, properties & utilization of these ancient elements with the help of models and charts.
Some modern applications were also presented in an excellent manner by the kids.

These young minds explained ‘जल’ with the help of civilization, water table, its properties and its
applications; showed the emergence and applications of ‘अग्नि‘ since ancient times; ‘वायु’ displayed
the flow of air, its properties and greenhouse effect; ‘आकाश’ was illuminated with models of the
solar system, our galaxy and the satellites and lastly ‘धरती’ showed the importance, the earthquake,
the real ground table and the agriculture.

Students also showcased their innovative ideas by presenting their scientific products in ‘Logic of
Science’. The Magic of Science explained the reality behind the Magic. The logic and explanation
behind satellite launching was elaborated with the help of videos.
Due to joint efforts and coordination of our Volunteers, Donors & Supporters, the event was very

We are Heartily Thankful to the Guests and the Anand Media for becoming a part of the event and
helping these young minds show their talents.


IB Patel English Medium School, Opposite Bhaikaka statue garden, VallabhVidyanagar,Anand,Gujarat388120


IB Patel English Medium School, Opposite Bhaikaka statue garden, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand, Gujarat-388120