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Knowledge spreads Awareness; Awareness brings Change. With this motive, Bachhpan organized Gyanotsav for the Kids and which turned out to be one of the most Creative and Extraordinary event of Bachhpan.
Magic or Science revealed the false blind faith of people in Black Magic, which ultimately drew Science in the picture.
The Indian Saviours displayed the hard work and immense efforts put in by the fighters of Indian Army, Navy and Air Force. The kids were motivated on learning their heroic acts.
7 Wonders were great to witness. The facts and and understanding were provided with the help of different lively models.
To teach the kids the basics of education along with playful activities, Logical Games played a vital role in merging the two and the kids enjoyed learning more than ever before.
The Great Indian States showed the culture, tradition, clothing and peculiarity of different states of our Country. The kids learned how Different yet Same our States are.
Traveling Centuries depicted how mankind evolved from 19th century to 21st century from the point of technology, tradition and standard of living.
In Wasting Nothing the kids were asked to make something from out of the waste stuff to bring out their Hidden Creativity. Different flower vases, cards, models and much more were created which taught them the importance of every small thing in life.
The Irrevocable Dedication and the Tireless Efforts put in by the Team of Volunteers and the Hardworking Energetic Students were the Key Points behind the Success of this event.


Gojo Sarda Mandir Girl School, Near Bhaikaka Circle, Vallabh Vidyanagar, Anand - 388120


Gojo Sarda Mandir Girl School, Near Bhaikaka Circle, Vallabh Vidyanagar ,Anand - 388120