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Goonj-A Sport Day / Gyan Dhanushya

Bachhpan family is organising September mega event જ્ઞાન ધનુષ્ય – સપ્તરંગી સમન્વય
With the concept of 7 colourful ideas which explicate the young minds.

Topics which will be covered in event is as below.

1) Innovation

When the time changes; innovation is required. in this way students show their expertise in an innovative way.

  • Models like
    • vertical car parking and many others.

2) Save environment

Environment is a key, to hold the world. students makes the models to conquer the pollution.

  • Models like
    • Reduce
    • Recycle
    • Reuse

3) kala ( Art )

Art is a prominently identities of human being. By which students showcase their talent.

  • Models like
    • Thread art
    • origami
    • clay art

4) optical science

The light has the ability to illuminate the darkness. by this idea students show their potential to illuminate the light.

  • Models like
    • Experiment based on reflection
    • Experiment based on refraction
    • Experiment based on total internal reflection

5) Magic

To understand the magic, science is required; to understand the science, mathematics is required. In which students throws his tricks of science and maths.

  • Models like
    • Science
    • Maths magic

6) Evolution

It is necessary to be constantly changing to survive with time. In which students explain their views on evolution.

  • Models like
    • Evolution of communication(post)

7) 5 min craft

When you do not have any sources, we need to get best out of waste. by this concept students show their creativity to make models on it.

  • Models like
    • Best out of waste

Goonj-A Sport Day

Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, Nr.Visat Three Roads,Chandkheda, Ahmedabad - 382424

Gyan Dhanushya

I B Patel English Medium school ,K G Station,Vallabh Vidhyanagar


Vishwakarma Government Engineering College, Nr.Visat Three Roads,Chandkheda, Ahmedabad - 382424


- 11:00 PM