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7th Annual Day

On 10th March 2019, Bachhpan celebrated its 7th annual day with an aim to reckon the young talents. The event was held at Town Hall, Anand.

The event commenced with lamp lighting by our Guests Mr. Rohit Patel sir (Former MLA of Anand),
Mr.Natubhai Shah (Trustee of Maitri Mandal Trust) ,
Mr.Navin Patel (Retired Businessman), Ms. Nipaben Patel (Chairperson of Nivedita Foundation)
Mr.Dakshesh Trivedi (A Social Activist). The dignitaries motivated our children by their inspiring words. Prices were distributed to the students for their achievements in various fields like competitive exams, cultural events and sports.

The event was initiated by trailer which focused on the hardwork of volunteers as well as students to make this event memorable. Then event was followed by an energetic Prayer Dance. Next was a fabulous pyramid show. The skit highlighted the importance of parents in every child’s life. Then a tribute was given to army by performing military dance. Performance on women empowerment was noteworthy with the idea of respecting women. Furthermore Folk Dance was performed to keep Indian culture alive. Moreover a skit was performed on illeffects of mobile to give a meaningful message to our youth. Many other performances such as group song, Lilliput dance, Prop dance,funny dance amused the audience. At the end, Bachhpan family gave tribute to their seniors and wished good luck for their brighter future.

With the blessings of donors and hard work and coordination of all volunteers, the event turned out to be exciting and successful. Lastly all the students had lunch.

Join bachhpan to do such small deeds of love and care and be the part of the change.


Dhirajlal J Shah Town Hall, Anand - Vidyanagar Road, Anand-388001


Dhirajlal J Shah Town Hall, Anand - Vidyanagar Road, Anand-388001