Child labor is a menace, a dent in an otherwise soulful society, a vicious circle in which a country once enters, it deteriorates. A child when forced to work observes slow mental growth and thus stays underdeveloped to gain all those skills required for adult employment and thus they force their children to work completing the cycle. Imagine, when you cried for a hot wheels’ car, there were children your age who were working 16 hours a day, who were being trafficked, who slept uncovered, who pulled bricks weighing double their weights and much more you were considered too young to imagine then!

BACHHPAN is a student run organization; an organization which takes children to school’s doorstep; an organization which accepts innocent smiles as its returns; an organization which helps children take the first step towards realizing a life with brighter, meaningful and a happy future; an organization bringing the evolution of the concept of abolishing child labor. Changes never occur unless they are brought and we at Bachhpan, inexperienced though, are rich in spirit and faith. Providing children with everything they need; ranging from pencils to notebooks, from uniform to school bags; it aims to bring about change, a small one albeit but it is such ripples that turn to waves and to refreshing tides of development.

We at Bachhpan do not aim to abolish child labor; instead of setting goals which are scarcely achievable or making seemingly huge claims about us, we choose to work; we learn, we grow, we evolve and take the society with us. We at Bachhpan believe that being lucky to have acquired the gift of knowledge implies a moral duty to help those small children who have to work for their livelihoods every day.

Youth is the soul of our organization. A set of committee members and volunteers in different colleges guided by a head member collect funds from the students and faculties on monthly basis i.e. 100/- Rs for students and 250/- Rs for others. We select children from nearby areas who are child laborers and motivate them and their families to divert their life to education. The amount u spend on a movie, when put together, can change people’s lives, and what better than being blessed by a satisfied, fulfilled heart of a person who once was broke. We thus request students like us, Teacher, the most responsible minds of the society and others to help small children find a way through darkness of ignorance. Through your generous donations we can make someone’s dream come true. What you think is a small amount can change many lives forever.

Changes don’t occur unless they are brought…